All new bicycle purchases, include a free limited service plan. Most bicycles offered, include a kickstand. At the time of your purchase, accessories are installed free of installation charges.


The following are the featured manufacturers we represent and an example of some of their bicycles. Feel free to click their logos below to see more.


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Widely regarded as the bike industry’s leading innovator with game-changing technologies, Cannondale and its handcrafted bicycles continue to be recognized by organizations from both inside and outside the industry including:

Many of the ideas that keep Cannondale products on the cutting edge come from the sponsored athletes on the company’s professional racing teams. The feedback provided by the company’s riders, combined with Cannondale’s best-in-class production processes, fuel a near-constant stream of both new innovations and improvements to existing products.

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From GT’s namesake Gary Turner designing one of the first BMX race bikes in 1972 to our modern carbon fiber creations that redefine fast-as-hell, we’ve built a long legacy of racing and winning, yet never taking ourselves too seriously. As a company, we’re 44 going on 18. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.
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Originally founded as a Japanese bicycle manufacturing company (Nichibei Trading) in 1899, Fuji is one of the oldest surviving bicycle brands in the world. Fuji’s steadfast philosophy in utilizing the most advanced technology and incorporating elite athlete input into its high-performance products has enabled the brand to endure while others have faltered.

Fuji’s logo and “Conquer Your Mountain” tagline is a call to action for riders, retailers, and all fans of Fuji. “Your Mountain” doesn’t just stand for the climb you face on your weekly ride; it’s any obstacle that stands in your way. Fuji seeks to motivate its riders to confront and overcome their daily obstacles – whether it’s attaining fitness goals, living a greener lifestyle, or quite literally climbing cycling’s most notorious mountain passes.

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Swap your car commute for a bike, explore endless miles of unknown trails, or spend the weekend cruising the area in comfort. Founded in Southern California and inspired by sunny weather and laid-back cool, our bikes look as good as they ride. Our all-new pedal bikes have the same quality and style you love, but give you the opportunity to enjoy the ride even more. With IZIP you have a winning combo: great looks paired with quality, reliability, and value.

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We grew up riding bikes around our Miami neighborhood. Not only was it a way of life but it was the family business. We developed Sun Bicycles using the colors, shapes, and geometry of what experience taught us to be the truly perfect ride in the sunshine. We’re inspired by the Miami skies and the pure unadulterated leisure experience that defines that lifestyle. We work in a small team: a designer who grew up working in bike shops and taught himself over years in the business; a close-knit sales team with a passion for adventure; and a community of bike shop owners that have worked with us anywhere from twenty years to six months. If you don’t have a Sun Bicycle already, be sure to check out how we can bring a bit of sunshine into your life.

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Aventon, Cannondale & Serfas E-Bikes

All E-bikes have one thing in common — pure, visceral cycling performance. The goal is to create bikes that are so rider-focused, so seamlessly integrated and so much fun to ride, that you forget you’ve got power assist, forget you’re on an e-bike, forget everything except how good it feels to be on that bike, in that moment. If that sounds like your cup of tea, power up. Let’s Ride.

To check out what E-Bikes that Aventon, Cannondale, and Serfas have available and discover more, please click their respective links.


Burley Honey Bee

The hardworking Honey Bee bike trailer for kids is the perfect balance of value and versatility, without compromising on safety. It features seating for one or two children and includes a 1-Wheel Stroller Kit so you can convert from a bike trailer to a stroller. Share your love for the outdoors with your kids in the Burley Honey Bee.

Burley Bee Trailer


Burley Bee Child Trailer

Adams Trail-a-Bike

Adams Trail-A-Bike

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